Lil Vape - case study

Enabling Change

Phase One

Force1Six created a campaign as part of Public Health Ontario’s Teen Anti-Vaping strategy.  Vaping is an epidemic plaguing schools and our campaign focussed on speaking to the target audience (13 to 17 year olds) in a voice that didn’t come across as preachy or was overtly a PSA.  By creating the character “Lil’ Vape” and writing a song around the health risks and waste of money that vaping presents, we were able to successfully infiltrate the social feeds of the target audience.

Phase Two

The second part of our campaign was the creation of Vepedemic – a more overtly Anti-Vape organization that we could use to present “Vape Truths” and ultimately also use to spread the Lil’ Vape content from a position of authority and a more obviously “anti” stance.

Clients we’ve worked for